Screw Art!

Andrew Myers

He works with screws, yes with screws. He creates sculptures from thousands and thousands of screws. It is incredible!!

I was reading about him this phrase touch my heart “One of Andrew’s favorite memories was watching a blind man experience his work for the first time. As the man ran his hands over a large three-dimensional portrait tediously constructed with thousands of screws and hundreds of hours, his blank expression suddenly transformed into a warm smile. He could feel what others could only see.” from


video Here


Homeless man gifted new violin after reporting his old one stolen

This is  a story that I have to share!!

This guy is amazing and his story is  wonderful!!

In Montreal, Landry’s violin was stolen; the person who took the violin , took much more than that, took his instrument, a way to live, his smile and part of his life.

Today Mark Landry has a new friend, a new companion in his days of happiness, because his music is every thing for him.

That’s what he said : ‘God bless you’( Mark Landry, Montreal transit system performer, thanks Orchestre Métropolitain for new violin)

Here is the complete History