What Inspires you?

enjoy our freedom.

When a have to create a new design or a have to come with new ideas normally like to go for a long walk on the park, I like to be in contact with nature, feel the wind touching my skin, see all the animals that cross my path, all the colour that make me stop and admire  or to close my eyes and just hear the sound of the trees, or birds making a special song that helps me to organize my ideas, I feel like everything make sense.

So tell me what inspires you?

A Deliberate Pause

Have you done a deliberate pause in your life?

Have you had your pause today?

Do you know how to do it?

Stop what you are doing now and have time for you, and only you.

A few minutes will be enough and you will see that this simple step done regularly will change your life.

This article talks about the power of a pause.

The Most Powerful Tool In Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership – And How To Make It Your Own

Branding: una herramienta para unir | Andy Stalman

andy-stalman-slide-1b-1797x698Andy Stalman es uno de los mejores especialistas en Branding  en España y Latinoamerica. Tiene talento y carisma, y ha sido considerado como “Mr. Branding” en varios países.

En un mundo donde esta todo esta conectado es importante darnos cuenta que para crear un nuevo mundo se necesita la ayuda de todos, ya que juntos tenemos una gran valor una gran fuerza, un motor inparable, pero tenemos que poner como eje al ser humano, es ahi donde esta la clave.

Espero disfruten el video!!

Rethink …


Searching on the Internet for ideas for a new project, I  came across this image.  I found it interesting but it was really the title what caught my attention. Sometimes you need to take a different approach and rethink your project, ideas, and products so that it can move forward.



Every Chemical found in the human body is also in the natural world. We are composed of the earth, and what harm we bring upon it, we birng upon ourselves. The modern mind is one of factories an “progress”, mistakenly believing it is apart from nature. It’s time to rethink, its time to reconnect.”


Taking Imagination Seriously

When something happens and you have to think out of the box … Wait a minute, which box are we talking about? There is no box in your life, everything around will be new, all the information is fresh because a problem gives you the opportunity to create something completely new and that’s what happened to Janet Echelman when she found her paints went missing. She had to come up with new art material for her sculptures.

Now she makes billowing, flowing, building-sized amazing sculptures.

She created a massive, mesmerizing crowd-sourced sculpture for TED’s 30th anniversary.

Those are some of the massive and amazing sculptures that she does.

Photo: Ema Peter

Photo: Bret Hartman

Official TED video here.