Omar Rayo

Omar Rayo was a renowned Colombian painter, caricaturist, sculptor and  plastic artist.  His work is dedicated to the geometric figure,  you can see in his art rectangles, lines and concrete objects.  His work has a deep influence from precolumbine aboriginal cultures. He presents in his work a mix between the new and the old geometric art and make something really amazing.

If you want to know more about him you can click here Spanish English

Screw Art!

Andrew Myers

He works with screws, yes with screws. He creates sculptures from thousands and thousands of screws. It is incredible!!

I was reading about him this phrase touch my heart “One of Andrew’s favorite memories was watching a blind man experience his work for the first time. As the man ran his hands over a large three-dimensional portrait tediously constructed with thousands of screws and hundreds of hours, his blank expression suddenly transformed into a warm smile. He could feel what others could only see.” from


video Here